Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it Monday already?

Just can't get into the season... of course I've done shopping, and wrapping and making all sorts of lists.... but just can't shake what I can only say is that S.A.D. thing, the darkness thing.
of course it might also be that most ALL our kids are far away and we won't be having any... ANY of them here this season (for the first time ever).
there, I said it, that is probably the biggest reason.
So let me also say that we did get a few lights up out side:

but  I have to say that the highlight was the FLAT TIRE late Saturday night,  totally raining like crazy........  and have I mentioned that in this little town nothing is open on Sunday..... think 1951
here is what was in my tire.......

No WONDER I'm feeling s.a.d.
and frankly, I'm just going with it... well that is after i go to work.... and take my mother to the doctor... and ship the packages I boxed up this weekend...and make dinner... yep then I am totally going to just ... umm.... go to bed because it will be bedtime.  See isn't that great, my day&night are already planned out for me!

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Suzanne said...

I'm sorry. Some holidays are better than others. I can relate.

Lauren said...

loves you. would come if i could :( s.a.d. face.

Em said...

umphf. i think it's the lack of vitamin D! we've been inside so much in the new house. no need to go out in the cold when we have space to run around inside! i have the winter blues this morning:( and i hate change. and moving. can't wait for summer! weird to be saying that...

Sue said...

Of COURSE that's the reason. If I had no kids at all coming to Christmas, I'd be dragging around here feeling singularly uninpsired about the season.

My remedy, I believe, would be to play lots of (the spiritual type of) Christmas music, read warm and fuzzy Christmas stories, give plenty of Christmas surprises to those who really need them, lovingly prepare Christmas-in-a-box packages to send my kids, and drink oceans of hot chocolate whilst sitting next to the tree. With the lights on. And a soft throw. And a lit candle. (May I suggest the gingerbread kind?)

The grand finale? Volunteer at a women's shelter and bring some goodies for the children. I promise you will feel the Christmas spirit the whole time you're there.



Momza said...

It's Tuesday now,
I hope your day got better and even more,
I hope Today is perfect for you!

p.s. sorry I made you tear-up at work!