Monday, December 6, 2010

the new season has begun

Here is how we spent our weekend:
painting and painting our (at their highest peak-18 ft) living room.  the first of many rooms in our house that will need sprucing up... then onto my mothers house. 
I now realize that I am going to have to put my crafts on hold for a while (long time).  One of the reasons I love bloging and reading blogs are all the great ideas out there... many of which I am dying to make.

There is a time and season for all things. 
right now I will just give up my crafting!  (wellllllll I still have a couple of things I'm still working on for Christmas) BUT I am packing up my sewing machine and  supplies and...shock and gasp... cleaning and sorting and even getting rid of items (saving them for you Gina,  the box is getting bigger)

ahhh time,  don't we ALL agree that there is never enough~

  tis the season to be busy, fa la la la la, la la   la   la

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

This is hard to imagine! You without your crafting?!



PS. You will need to do just a little now and feed your creative urges. Promise me you will, okay?

Other than that, have fun getting LOTS of things done!

blueviolet said...

Oh wow, you're gonna be BUSY!