Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Meep Face Christmas

You know how you get when your feeling sad  and your face gets all sad, but you don't want to let on.  Your mouth gets in a funny frown position, your eyes bulge out trying to keep the tears in...
We call this the meep face.
Mostly when you watch a sad movie like Beaches, or Dan in real life, or Martian Child... or any Mandy Moore movie.

Well this was a Meep face Christmas.
We didn't have any kids around till late Christmas day when Craig the oldest showed up.
I had a miserable cold.  still do.sniff sniff cough cough
Lauren and Will had to put their dog down, the day before Christmas.  Will had had Ryker for 11 years.  He was a wolf.  This was a very sad day.
and Will was sick with some infection that he couldn't even hold Carson
and Carson was sick (I got to hear all about that by phone)
and well it was just a meep Christmas. Lots of feeling sad and you know, sadder
But now it's over and we are onto a new year full of possibilities!.. and LOTS of changes.

(now in a happier note) I wanted to show you pictures of what Will and Lauren go through every Sunday, for three hours.... (look at it like a slide show... rapid, fast..  for three hours.)  wiggle wiggle, squirm, squirm, arch the back and LET ME DOWN..

hahah this little guy is giving them a run for their money!!!
he's so cute ... I miss them all
meep meep meep

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

I hab a code too.
Love this MEEP day stuff.
Wonderful description.
Hope u feel better.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I hope you feel better, hubby got my cold 2 days before christmas..I am finally after 2 weeks feeling way better..cute photos of that grandbaby..I hope next year is a better one for you:)

Sue said...

Sorry you had a meep day on Christmas, but we've all been there once or twice, I'm sure.

I love the word, though. Meep. It's perfect.

Hope your New Year is as un-meep-like as possible!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your Meep day on Christmas. Sure hope everyone is well or on the way to being so speedily. Hope happier days are here for you too. Hugs

Shelly said...

Okay,,,So Last Year? I spent Christmas with my Son Andrew's Roommies Mom,,,Follow that? Well yeah, I mean we KNOW each other but we aren't Friends/Friends. ( I know YOU much better than I know HER and well,,,If it were YOU it would have been just Fine..LOL)

She and I went to the Movies and then set out to find a place for Dinner,,,,,and I kid you NOT,,we ate at Denny's,,,,,while I listened to the guy behind me complain to his ex about not getting to see his kids.

Yeah,,,,I had offers from friends, but Shell chose the "Pitty Pot" route......NEVER Again!!!

And,,,,,,I LOVE Beeker,,he's my Fav! I'll look him up IF I'm ever without family again at Christmas!!!

Happy New Year Sweetie! It's gonna get better!!

Big Hugs and Love,

kieri said...

Meep meep. I had a sad Christmas too, I missed you a lot. AND I forgot my charger so now I am without a phone. I should have it in a few days. Maybe next year we can have an Arizona Christmas!

Lauren said...

meep. i was going to write a meep face blog. i probably still will, you know, when I get a spare two minutes (ok hour, it takes me forever to play catch up on my blog).
Meep. Meep. Meep.
Next year will be better.
And Carson will be so fun.
And if I have my way, I will be pregnant. And that will be fun too.
But not for six more months. But maybe then.