Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eagle, Heron & Elk all in one day

I live in such a natural setting. Today an eagle landed on our fence then the tree behind the fence. of course I ran to take pictures.

(this was taken thru the window so as not to scare him away)

And strange as it sounds, Henry the Heron also came and visited the tree behind our back fence not more than 5 minutes after the eagle.

In other related animal stories, we took our Sunday morning drive and found the Elk herd, only my camera has a lousy tele-photo lens.

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The McEwans said...

Thats so cool. I have been trying to get Brian to see the luck so far

Kiurious said...

Awww, I miss it up there. It's nothing like the city, where we say, "OMG, was that a squirrel? What's a squirrel doing here?"

On a side note, if I may, A visit from a Heron means precision and active patience (grab an opportunity when it arises). A visit from a bald eagle means illumination of a truth, becoming closer to God, and also strength. Just thought I would share a little Native American with you :)

carmen said...

Aren't we LUCKY to live in such a beautiful place?? I'm jealous that the eagle was right there in your backyard. My kids would have gone crazy for that! Great pix!

The Momma said...

Hi Lisa!

You won the giveaway! I'll be emailing you later for your snail mail addy! :) Congrats! Thanks for entering! :) :)