Sunday, April 26, 2009

I won!!!!
I can't beleve it, I won something. When I arrived home, there on my doorstep was a Box For Me!! Rachelle at her ultra-cute blog: had a giveaway! She is opening up her Etsy store May 1st and to kick it off had a Give-A-Way, and I WON!

What did I win you ask? .?.?.?.? this and this and this and this...
ULTRA-cute Bag for all my goodies! I can use it EVERY time I shop (although way too cute for messy frozen stuff) More like when Im off to .. lets say Hallmark or the Street Fair! I'll strut around with my cute BAG and then....... ta-da grab my COUPON HOLDER. Most of you know what a copon-a-holic I am. So this is perfect for me...

Oh Wait there's more!!!! A nifty little clip board.. (for writing notes to my girls- or hubby or sketching something cute I just saw, or thought of or want to make.)...again Perfect for me!!! there is a way cool pen in there (of course pink & black) AND has little post-it's in it.

I am sooooooo excited.

AND even more than that, - - - - - - - -excited for Rachelle to open up her Very First Store!!!!!
so EvErYoNe... go to her site (here) and check out her GRAND OPENING May 1st!!!
so cute, so cool, so stinkin' perfect for Mother's Day (it's coming up don't forget Mom or Grandma.)


4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

The Barnharts said...

I am so jealous! those were my wedding colors. Thanks for coming by my blog the other day!

Sue said...

Wow, that stuff is great! Good job on winning.


carmen said...

How FUN and LUCKY for you!! Cute stuff! I NEVER win anything!! Well, I take that back, when I was about 10 years old I won a GIANT stuffed bunny from a department store from a drawing that they had during Easter!! :o)

em said...

i covet.