Monday, April 6, 2009

No Moan'in

There will be no Moan'in today.

It has been GLORIOUS out,

Spring Has Sprung


It was a beautiful weekend, and looks like a beautiful week.

San Diego it's not, but a beautiful sky full of eagles and trees full of blossoms.

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carmen said...

I love your photography. You're right. it's beautiful out - nice and sunny and WARM! I love it!! If there is one thing to moan about, for me anyway, it would be this: Why couldn't it have been this nice during spring break, instead of waiting until the day the kids go back to school?? Bummer for them. And my poor Jack. He had a bad biking accident - 20 stitches!! He can't ride - and it's killing him that the weather has been so nice since he got hurt. :o( Enjoy your Monday, and the rest of the week!!