Sunday, April 12, 2009

miss you

Happy Easter
I miss my girls. Families play an important part of "traditions" and "Holidays".
I remember making your Easter dresses, the same material, but different patterns...
I remember Lauren didn't like the stiff underskirts.
I remember Kieri liked them the fluffier the better.
And don't forget the BOW's, I would make you BIG GIANT bows to go in your hair.. until hats! Then I made Bows for the hats!
I remember hiding the baskets in strange places. Lauren would always find hers first then guide Kieri to find hers. Or Barbara or the Cousins, whom ever we had living with us at Easter.
I remember Kieri hording her candy for months after Easter.
I remember egg hunts at Nana's house ( a dim memory helped out by one home video we have of her stealing JJ's eggs when he wasn't looking) You guys loved getting the pennys.
I remember sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap and taking pictures.
I remember all this stuff and it is making me feel pretty old, not because I remember them but because I AM TALKING ABOUT THEM... AND sitting here crying.. REMEMBERING THEM... AND GOING ON AND ON LIKE AN OLD LADY.
but they are my memories ... hey after all that's all I've got. and I'm looking forward to making more memories of Holidays!
my scaner's not working or I would post cute old pictures of the girls... as long as I'm reminiscing......

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Lauren said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, I miss you too and am having a sad day. I cried all the way through church! LOL.
Then, one of the girls in my class started crying after the Easter video and I said, "Did that make you feel sad? That made me feel sad." and she said, "No, I just miss my Mommy." And I thought, "Yeah? Me too."

Kiurious said...

I was telling my roommates all about those easter dresses yesterday. It made my childhood feel very far away. I miss you too! Especially during holidays.

carmen said...

Oh, you were a great mom! It was fun reading your special memories. Liam was sick yesterday, so we when to sacrament meeting, and then I came home early with him. We had a nice dinner, and colored eggs, beyond that, we didn't do too much. I need to look to your example and make next years easter a little more special. I got some good ideas about how to make easter baskets a little more spiritual and less comercialized, and one of my friends on facebook gave me a cute idea about "planting" jellybeans in the yard the night before easter and next morning there are giant lollypops "growing" where the beans were planted - so cute!! I've got to get on the ball with all of this creative stuff!! Oh, and just so you know, Chalene Johnson posted a high protein, easy, yummy looking receipe for some Alaskan lettuce cups, or something like that. There's a link on my blog if you are interested. Oh, and I love "tip junkie" I checked that out from your blog - more fun, cute ideas!! Enjoy your week.

Sue said...

Your daughters are beautiful, and I totally understand the trip down memory lane. My kids are all grown and gone, and I do it all the time, especially on holidays!