Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forks, WA

We had a great "Mr. P Birthday" weekend away. I went bananas with my new camera and took 244 pictures. So you'll get several days of trees..lakes...beaches...driftwood...islands.. etc.

I'm going to start out with Forks. Its only about an hour and a half West. We always make fun of it. Mr. P says its where people don't have any teeth live ( I don't know if he means that they eat the bark off trees or can't afford dentistry??). People at work say its where all the methakins live (quite remote=meth - lots of logging and tree planters=Mexicans). There are only 3,000 people in the town. There is no walmart, or walgreens. I saw a Variety store, a sporting goods store and a Thriftway grocery/hardware store. This is Hwy 101 to the ocean and tons of rivers and of course the rainforest. I saw lots of Campers driving thru, and boats galore.
AS MOST OF YOU KNOW this is the setting for all of the the Stephanie Myers books. Many many kids, ok mostly teenage girls BEG their moms to take them to Forks. And I'll have to admit in the little time I spent there, I saw 3 different families (with teenage and preteen and tweens) walking up and down the one block of main street. Then there are all the signs welcoming the Twilight fans. Well good for little Forks, trying to make a buck while the hype of Vampire fans is still alive (get it! ha)... So here is my pictorial view of Forks......Forks High School
if you can't see it.. it says "Edward Cullin didn't sleep here"
no Z Z Z there..
..twilight wireless internet??
Love the Dew Drop Inn (anyone remember the Sesame street movie.. Big Bird gets lost?) and the Don't Drop Inn (Oscar's place).
ok, here's where I bought MY twilight memorabilia!
paging Dr. Cullin... in your Mercedes... in FORKS WHAT??
ahhh, the timber museum wasn't open this early, (tear)
and over on the right side is a pink car owned by Bella,.......oh wait hers was red. And that is shown on the TWILIGHT TOUR, but Mr. P said he already sat thru the awful movie and you couldn't PAY him a million dollars to take the tour, besides he thought this weekend was about him!!! (oh yeah)
more twilight- come-on's
beautiful housing, very colorful
MY favorite... including the 2 rocking/ridding horses.. fenced of course!

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em said...

hahaha, so cool!!! my favorite was passing dr cullen in the benz;-)

Kiurious said...

lol, very nice. I will have to drag you on the tour when I come to visit.... Haha, no, not even I would want to go on that. Isn't forks the reason eric moved back to utah? lol, thats what he told me anyway :)