Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lauren

When Lauren was born the world stood still for many many people. Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Gong Gong…Aunts and Uncles…most of all ME, we all waited a long time for you, and you did not disappoint.

You were a great baby, even greater toddler and little kid. At 3, you would invite all the neighborhood kids over for otter pops- showing your party planning skills at a young age. Before you were 1yrs old you knew 12 words and spoke them often, thus showing your buding verbal comunnication skills.
You also knew what 7 different animals said, of course I had to ask you in the same order that you learned them: dog, cat, cow, sheep, frog, pig, rabbit.

You named your sister. (it was either, Kieri or Tracey or Tegan) You went up to her and called her Baby Kieri.
The two of you were sisters/friends/cohorts/rivals/ying&yang. You were/are the/a Social butterfly. You were/are happiest when you were/are with others. You loved preschool, you loved kindergarten. (although on the first day of school they put you on the wrong bus, and boy were you mad, because YOU knew which bus to take and they messed you up) You loved school. Hassle as school was, you loved learning, you LOVED reading (you really liked the sad stories of neglect and oppression).

(since this was your favorite costume of all time, I had to put this in here)

You were always there to impart your wisdom to others. You were placed in the split class (2nd &3rd graders and then 3rd & 4th) and when you were thru with your work, you were always asked to teach the lower grade. You were a straight A student. (you made a lot of money off of Grandpa!)

You were in the “smart” click. I do believe your first love was always English. Reading and Writing, which by the way you are a very talented writer (and I STILL expect to see some sort of Sheri L Dew book out of you).
High School was hard, socially, mentally emotionally, physically and spiritually. You grew to understand yourself and your relationship with others.

Then time really started to fly, UC Davis, SF State amongst other colleges so you could still get 30, count them 30 units a semester. You had a plan and you were bound and determined to get there the quickest way possible. Patience has never been at the top of your list. Then off to Palmer Chiropractic school one of the youngest in that grad school. Then quick as a wink you got married and graduated a Doctor.
You have never been afraid of a challenge. You’ll worry yourself to pieces over it, but you will take on a challenge.

You are party planner extraordinaire making wedding cakes, Christmas Cookie parties, Sushi Parties, and even cake pops (check out her blog for more of her parties). You have always loved to cook, and have cooked at least one meal a week since you were 14.
You were my little baby who could talk. Now you are my friend who I can talk to.
The best sister in the world, well now (those Jr. High years were tough on everyone).
Everyone’s compassionate friend.
Here’s a salute to you, It’s your day, Enjoy the Fabulous Person You are!
A quarter of a century. I love you and support you and wish nothing but loads of good wishes for you.

kiss kiss

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Lauren said...

aw, that made me tear up!
Thanks mom, that made my birthday! Love you.

Sue said...

Wow, what an accomplished daughter you have. It's clear how much you love her, and no wonder! She's amazing.


dyermaker14 said...

Happy Birthday to Lauren! I love you both.

carmen said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! I love it! Happy Birthday, Lauren, even though I don't know you - I feel a little like I do, now!!

Gilbert Family said...

awww. what a beautiful post lisa! i didnt know lauren named kieri. thats pretty cool. if i named a sibling, it would be bbbbbrbrbrbrbrbbr i dont think i knew as many words as her at that age. haha. thanks for puting that pic of us up. very cute memories. lauren is very special, and yes, she always got A's. brat. :)

carmen said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I have one birthday per month from February thru July! (No, I didn't plan it, it just worked out that way!) I love when I've got it together enough to have all of my boys in white shirts and ties. (Doesn't always happen!) It makes me feel good - and they do look handsome, don't they? A couple of them were in dire need of haircuts, but that has since been remedied. And Caitlin - she always looks beautiful and I always remind her that it's nice to be beautiful on the inside, too. There's nothing better than when they are all getting along with one another - and that doesn't always happen, either!!

PoohsPals said...

Now that is a special post for a very special girl. Thank you for sharing with all of us.