Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day- Musings

My mom doesn't' read this blog, or any blog, or anything Internet! She is a true 50's mom. She has never driven. Never worked outside the home. She was always there for her girls. She also HATED having her picture taken. My dad was a photographer, and all the pictures of my mom had a newspaper or towel in front of her face. My mother kept house and cooked and cleaned and taught my sister and I to sew. She forced us to take piano lessions and nagged us to death to practice (thank you), She supported us in all of our activities and because she didn't drive, found us classes and rides everywhere. She took us to church and taught us to have faith and serve the Lord. She tried to pass down her excellent spelling, but that didn't take! My mother was a little on the shy side. My Dad, Louisa and I were the performers and my mother made all our costumes. I didn't have ONE store bought dress till I was 12! (my grandmother, her mother, also made all of my coats).
But her best calling in life is to be Grandmother. Grandmother to 5 (Lauren, JJ, Kieri, Jessica and Alex) and second best is to be the card lady to EVERYONE SHE HAS EVER MET!! believe you me when I say that she keeps Hallmark in business I mean it. Honestly, she will go without food (or only eat yogurt and Slim-Fast (at 82yrs of age for goodness sake)) so she can buy cards.
I'm so glad that I goaded her into selling her home of 50 years (oh and have I mentioned that she HATES change) and move two states away. But that's what families do. My dad died 20 years ago and she has held to her faith and been a trooper and tried her best to be self sufficient.
The not having her old friends nearby has been hard on her, but she is trying (bless her heart) to make new friends. She is just the cutest little old lady now (she has shrunk and would not be happy that I am calling her a little old lady) It is a little hard for me to see her as old. She has always been a blessing in my life taking care of me. Never missing any of my performances. Sitting by my bedside when I was sick. Lending me money, even though she said she didn't have any. Teaching me to sew. Teaching me to love the Lord and trust in him. Taking such good care of my girls. Following me across the country. I'm blessed with a kind, supportive, loving, spiritual mother.
And lets not forget my sweet daughters that MADE ME A MOTHER. After trying for a baby for 7 LONG years, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl on Mothers day. The BEST mother's day ever. Then 2yrs later, Another! yipeee, Girls! who have both turned out to be beautiful Women making their way thru the world on their own. Who love their mother.

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Sue said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your daughters are beautiful...and I loved reading your thoughts, feelings and memories about your (also beautiful) mom.


Lauren said...

Yes we do!

And Nana too!