Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok, we have a winner folks! Totally random selection. And it’s Square Peg!!! From CO.
Yea Peggy! Thanks so much for stopping by every once in a while and checking my life out! I’ll email you the address I have for you.. just to make sure it is the current one!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. … I don’t leave comments as much as I should but I do appreciate all of yours.. make me want to thank you and others and comment more often!
This was fun, maybe I’ll make it a monthly freebie thing of what I’ve been making

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Chelsea said...

well hey there!!! Im totlly ok with you blog stalking me!! haha! I think Lauren did the same thing :)

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

How fun you had a giveaway- I'm sad I missed out on the action! Thanks for your cute comment today- totally made my day. I heart nice readers!