Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Morning PICTURES

THE ELK- big bull in the middle looking at me!!

So as I have told you I have a new camera. And I finally got up enough nerve (and time) to use it on our Sunday Morning drive. It is a beautiful Sunday Morning! We saw lots of nature and water, and of course trees and an eagle and THE ELK.... Here is the tour:
Sequim Bay
My men: Mr. P and L-Dog
EAGLE overhead, quick take the shot--
Quaint Farm- but smelly- Dairy Farm
Our first spotting of the Elk... notice they are all asleep except one (standing... )
and by the time I was finished taking 20 shots...... The big bull (the one in the middle with the horns .....looking at me said)
"We Are OUT-OF-HERE-- can't get any privacy from these looky-loos "
He was actually quite indignant and I thought he was going to rush me!
I do not have a telephoto lens, just the little one the camera came with, so to tell you the truth, we were VERY close! (I could hear his thoughts)

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Kiurious said...

awww, very beautiful. and grats on the new camera!

Sue said...

Looks inviting! Great way to spend some time on Sunday...appreciating this beautiful world and springtime.

Lauren said...

i miss the ocean.