Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogville- Favorite Paint Colors

A new blog out there:
If you've ever seen a room out in blog-land and wondered WHAT color they used... this is the place to go
If you've ever wondered what THAT color would look like on a wall, this is the place to go
If you like looking at rooms that REAL people designed themselves and painted themselves.. this is the place to go
If you need painting tips... yes, you now know the answer
There are many painting tips....
There are many categories from COLORS to ROOMS.
I find I have a hard time looking at JUST the color... I love looking at the REAL designs... They are beautiful and I love the fact that they are not out of a magazine, but real live able rooms.... I could go on and on but lets sit back and take a look at all the beautiful colors:
 now that's a blue kitchen
 Lauren this laundry room has your name on it
go check it out for yourself... LOTS of eye candy here folks

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Thanks for the tip!


Lauren said...

Is this post for me!? How did you know I need to add some color to my home! ;)