Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a bad time to sell a house

Here's the update
4 weeks on the market, 0 lookers
The weather has finally been better (notice I did not use the word nice)....
Our tulips have bloomed and other things are budding... it looks a little more like spring.
Here's a picture 4 weeks ago when it was still winter- cold and 30degrees, unfortunately THIS is the picture that is listed with selling the house.
Now my mother's house has been on the market 3 weeks and has had 4 people come by to look. 
Breathe..... I am taking large deep breaths and trying to have patience.  I know things will happen when they are supposed to happen but I want them to happen now, not in their own time.

In other news... little Carson had a terrible cold, that went into his chest and now he can't breathe well so he is having to use a breathing machine... which makes his parents very sad, because they have to hold the little kid down (screaming "do not hold ME DOWN...") and then hold the mask on his face so he will breathe the good medicated air so he can run around and be happy like this again:
So for us, Lauren & Will and the little man Carson.... patience, time and faith are our watch cry.
If anyone has any words of wisdom in regards to selling a house in today's market... I'm all ears...

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

The McEwans said...

We'll keep you in our prayers! I'm sure everything will work out perfectly...but it is hard to wait. :) Miss you!

Momza said...

Okay, so you know I'm a Home Stager, so here are some of my suggestions, based on what I see from the curb:
Too much stuff on the porch. Remove at least 50% of the planters. You can leave the chairs.
To get more showings, talk to your realtor--ask when the next "tour" is, and tell him you want your house in the tour. Offer to have a bagel breakfast for the touring realtors--so they can even START at your house. You need to get as many realtors into your house as you can.
There's a start. If you want more input, let me know. It's a GREAT TIME TO SELL A HOUSE!! But your house has to stand out in the crowd and offer what the others don't!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well I just read Momza comment and I was fixing to say this is not the time to sell a house but she knows more about it than I do.
I just know honey that I had mine on the market 6 months and I hardly had any showings and when I did they were not good.
I will pray yours works out better than mine. Thinking about trying again maybe in four months
Love ya

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

tell them to replace that photo with the top one as it looks glorious with all the beautiful color showing...I hope the momza's comments help you on your way.;) and I hope your little grandson gets better soon.;)yeah hasn't this weather just been well...tooo much? snow in april..and it is cold like it wants to snow..:) hope it gets better..i have a garden to plant.;)

Lauren said...

Aww, mom... I think you should replace the photo pronto with the one with all of the flowers blooming-- curb appeal! And I love your porch, personally... As is. It's so cute!! Your whole house is cute! It will sell, i really think its the whole 2 story-2bedroom (though its actually 4) thing holding you back. :(
Love you.
ps Dr says Carson is doing better, just more congested, but the wheezing is better and thats the dangerous part.

Sue said...

I can see you're in good hands with Momza, so I won't give advice. All I'll say is that I hope Carson feels much better very soon!


Garden of Egan said...

I have no suggestions. Momza sounds like she's got it.

Good luck!