Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax day & Thank you

ahhhh, he's gonna eat our money!!!

Thank you for all your comments and thoughts and prayers, wow it's so cool to have such kind friends.  I'm ok, just going to have to live with optical migranes!  oh yeah, and learn to manage my stress better... hahahahhahahahaha
good luck with that one!

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Tax day to you as well.
If I were a drinkin' man.............well..........

Good thing I'm not.

Hopefully those migraines will go away. They can be so miserable!

Sue said...

Well, actually, the official tax day this year is April 18th. Thank heavens, because we're not quite done yet!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

there is nothing they can do for your migranes? oh I hope you do get some relief for that..yeah we are done with our taxes..finished them on wednesday.;) and actually getting a little something back..unheard of..haven't gotten nothing back for like 3 years..not huge by any means..but its something..:)

Em said...


Marydon said...

Ugh! He's already planned his next vacation, tho not giving back the income tax refunds upon receipt.

Hope these headaches are few if not none, they are so hard to deal with.
Have a beautiful week ~