Tuesday, April 19, 2011

question: how to watch 'movies' and shows?

I recently gave up our netflix subscription.(I was a little put off with their subscription increase).
When we want to watch recenly released movies we go to red box.... FOR A DOLLAR!
and because we go to bed so early, we DVR favorite TV shows to watch at a decent time
...but it still seems like we are missing out (probably due to the power of advertising).  Can someone help me?  are these my only options?  and what is this thing call infinity?

and who can explain 'the cloud' to me?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I am no help here since we do not use any of these services and I know little to nothing about them. Hope someone can help you out. Hugs

Sue said...

I need to switch from Blockbuster to Netflix. My kids tell me it's a lot cheaper.

No dollar movies around here, unfortunately!


kieri said...

Russell and I don't have cable, so I watch all of my shows via http://www.sidereel.com/ This website doesn't host its own shows, rather it posts other websites (hulu, megavideo, videobb). You have to click the blue search links button to find them. You can also find movies like this on their website, but megavideo and videobb only let you watch 72minutes of the movie and then you have to wait an hour to watch the rest. Wisevid is a good website for finding movies, but it is relatively hard to use.

The Cloud doesn't really apply in this sense. The Cloud or Cloud computing is the idea that data can be stored in a sort of warehouse and accessed from any computer device (ipad, laptop, phone). So the cloud is very useful for people who need to crunch large files of data (like astromomers and engineers), you can use a regular computer and store the data offsite, therefore not slowing down your computer. The way this applies with movies would be: you store the large movie file offsite (in the cloud), then watch it on a moble divice that couldn't handle those big files.

Lisalulu said...

I am so glad for my smart children who can keep me updated on all these high tech shananagins. If only you were HERE with me so you could update and download and manage my pc!! (and teach me to use an ipod!)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey sorry I can not help you either but I am sure my kids could. lol
If I want to rent a movie I just get it from the Red Box but I have several movie channels on my Dish Tv so I rally rent anything.
Honestly I waste money even paying for Dish. I don't watch much TV unless it is a good movie
Just had to come by and wish you a very Happy Easter.
Love ya honey