Monday, April 25, 2011

A Wild and Busy Weekend to Savor and Enjoy

THE wedding.
It has been planned for a year.  At work we heard about it almost every day, almost..but APRIL??? come on.... it can and often does snow in April.  This year has been an awfully cold one... with no sun whatsoever.  Every day as I drive to work it is in the low 30's...but Saturday there was a miracle
 63 degrees

but I digress... 
FIRSY  Elliott was taken to the vet, the first time in 3 yrs!  double ear infection, poor guy... but we've got the ear drops now to cure BOTH infections (do you think THAT's why he barfed up on the new carpet?)
 THE wedding was less than an hour away in a little coastal town: Port Gamble.  I knew it was near where blog-friend Gina from Cat Nap Inn lived.. and I had some left over things to give her -way to big to mail and I just KNEW I'd be in her neck of the woods some day... so before the wedding we met up (she drove over to where the wedding was in Port Gamble) and we were able to exchange goodies and of course snap a picture.
I love her hair, the colors are great and they really photograph well, I'm thinking of adding all those colors to my hair.. I'm tired of the light brown, or dirty brown as my dad used to call it!!  Anyway she makes the most amazing things, I mean she is all over the place!  If it can be made she will make it and if it has ANYTHING to do with primitives SHE makes it best... I mean look at the goody she brought for me... so so sweet!

and of course it has a star on it!! my favorite!  love ya Gina!
ok onto the wedding... It was the most beautiful day, truly made the wedding more special... I mean I think I even got a little pink in the cheeks from the sun!!
I know it's hard to see but here is the beautiful bride walked down the isle by her two brothers (the tall one my boss)
It was an interesting wedding as they must have taken pictures before hand because right after the ceremony we were ushered through a buffet line and then the dancing started.
As perusual, the little flower girls steal the show!
but the ring bearer (the grooms little boy) was the typical boy and had to come show his dad how you can slide in the dirt (it was all over his back side!!):

 I love weddings

All in all a wonderful time, such a happy occasion. beautiful bride, beautiful scenery, beautiful friends and beautiful weather.

Easter Sunday wasn't as beautiful (the rain was back) It was more like a day of sprinkles.
It is always a blessing to enjoy the sabbath, and Easter Sunday was special listening to inspirational music and talks.  The kids were unusually rowdy, I'll just chalk it up to the Easter Candy/Sugar high!!
We cooked a turkey, a 21 pound turkey for the three of us, hahaha  and yes just a little bit of left overs. 

When we got our mail (yes Sunday, we had a busy Saturday) There was a pkg from Lauren and a really cute photo-cube.. and I know just the picture to put on it!
miss the little man.
feel like I am missing the little man grow up.

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Lauren said...

he is growing SOOOO Fast!!
glad you had a good weekend.
Missed you around these parts. :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Lisa, it was so nice to meet you and mister produce..thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies..I am using my stand for my sizzix blogging it as we speak..I can't believe all those little hangers..they must have mass produced during the night..and those gourds are so cool..might just have to put those out with my fall decorating..they are wayyyyy toooo kewl:>) the wedding looked like fun..and on such a glorious day too..the only 2 days of spring here in washington..want to go for a walk today..if it would only stop raining..and it is a bit chilly too. feels much colder then 51..more like 45..anyway thank you for the wonderful goodies and it was so nice meeting you..and garage selling sounds like good pal Sarah and I would love it.;) haven't been to that neck of the woods for sales..have a wonderful week ahead and let me know when you color your hair like mine..we will meet up for a photo shoot.;)

Sue said...

Weddings are wonderful.

And I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you are missing the growing up years. Skype helps a little, but mostly I just wish we lived closer.


Home and Heart said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I hope the pup is better too!