Monday, August 15, 2011

The count down is on...

And if you have to ask what the count down is for... you haven't read this blog before.  I tried to finish up EVERYTHING this weekend.  *sigh*
just when I thought I was nearing completion, I got another assignment.
I made 22 chair sashes, 2 little girl dress sashes, 3 extra long table runners.
I made 4 hair clips out of one kind of flower... but made 4 more hair clips the way the BRIDE requested:
 she wants the rose looking ones, not the layered/burned effect ones.
Oh, and by the way... let me show you where I sew....
Remember in February when we cleaned, and re-carpeted and MOVED all unnecessary items to storage.. well my craft room went to storage.  so I use this little kid table and chair which is partially hidden behind the door to the bonus room.  OH YEAH, and I have to clean up my mess every night before I go to bed (the hardest part.. because I am working on so many things).  sigh...
My new assignment is to make flower wreaths for the flower girls to wear on their heads.  sigh...  back to the little table I go.
hey there's an awful lot of sighing going on at this house.

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8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

regan said...

I'm sorry???? Your craft room was considered an 'unnecessary' item???? Are you kidding me!?! The house should revolve AROUND your craft room! It's THE most important room, especially when you are making all this beautiful stuff for the wedding! And what's the deal with the kiddie table and chairs, and banished to a small you have ash soot on your tattered dress, too, Cinderella? OMG!!!!!

The very first thing AFTER the wedding is taking back your craft space! You deserve it!

Now I'm going to feel really guilty while I'm quilting today.....! Cuz you ARE going to get your space back!!!! THAT countdown now begins! lol

Cherie said...

I have to agree with the first commentor - after all the "stuff" - BEAUTIFUL stuff you have created for this wedding you deserve an A++ craft room sister!! :-D

You are so incredibly creative!

This wedding is going to be beautiful!!

Lauren said...

LOL-- that first comment was hilarious-- Cinderella,bahaha!
I have SO much to pack!!!! Eeek!!!

Sue said...

I agree. You need a craft space!


PS. That wedding is going to be outa this world.

Silver Strands said...

Your "stuff" is AMAZING!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You are a Rock Star and Rock Stars need their space.
Great work. jj

Blessings from Cindy said...

You are a busy lady for sure with the deadline fast approaching! Oops, I shouldn't say that, should I?? As if you don't already know!! You are doing a fabulous job! Can't wait to see pics after the big day!

Em said...