Monday, August 1, 2011

An Exhausting weekend

This weekend was a blur... a whirly gig blur.
We had Mallory all weekend. 
We baked cookies.
She teased the dog with string cheese
She ran around and around the house with the dog.
We took the dog to Nana's house to stay over night.
On the way over she rolled down the window and told the guy next to us that his car was awesome and had poop all over it.
I turned the window lock on for the rest of the weekend.
We went to McDonald's and got a happy meal for Mallory and a chocolate milkshake for Nana who is STILL nursing her 5 teeth that were taken out!
We washed the car... (WHAT you think I'm going to take my camera out where there is water and Mallory, believe me those two don't mix... I'm lucky my phone survived!!)
We then drove to the family reunion, about 3 hours away.  Lucky for all passengers Mallory fell asleep!  (I may have fallen asleep too)
We had a fun dinner at a little Mexican restaurant where Mallory told the waitress that the bathroom was disgusting and had bubble gum and poop on the walls.
There were many interesting faces at dinnertime, especially when the camera was pulled out...
There were even real threats of water being tossed at the friendly photographer:
We met up with Nancy and Eddy (Nancy and Mallory are Birthday Buddies-born the same day...60 years apart!)  We went to Wendy's for a little frosty.. and we all enjoyed Mallory's youthful exuberance. 
After a short uneventful evening in a motel with two beds (thank heaven) we were up early to fulfill Mallory's desire for pancakes AND waffles!
We then went and saw her great-grandmother. who is now 91.  Mallory was as sweet as can be to her and gave her hugs and even a kiss on the cheek.

Then it was off for the family reunion. Family we haven't seen for a while were there .... plenty of deserts and buckets of chicken:
LUCKILY, and it was an extreme gift from above, the only other family had a little girl Mallory's age, and like Mallory, Lilly was ready to get wild and crazy!!! 
After about 3 hours playing outside in the Cold, (because you know it IS Washington, (Centralia) where the weatherman said it would be 75... it was about 65 and windycold) we were ready to make the 3 hour drive back home.   
The hardest part of the two days.   
I pulled out all the ole car riding tricks:
*I spy with my little eye
*Singing every song from Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat to the ABC's (7 times in a row)
*A game of  making up the second verse to Mallory's first line (which usually involved the word poop)
*Speaking in different languages
and Mallory pretending that she couldn't hear us by repeating the words: HUH???  and  WHAT???  over and over and over and over and over.
We all had a great exhausting time....
although she did steal my camera and judging by the look on my face and tears in my eyes... you KNOW I was enjoying it all!!!
She made me poise in that hand position... so I just had to show her how to make the hand jesters for: Here is the church, here is the steeple open the door and see all the people, close the door and hear them pray, open the door and see them all run away.
Funny how all the childhood rhymes come back you!

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Mallory sounds like a fun character! I'm glad you had a good time, and that last pic cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Reading about Mallory gave me giggles. I think she probably had the most fun of all. Glad you had a fun time too. Looks like a wonderful two day. Hugs