Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Help with ideas... I KNOW you guys have ideas...

I have been working FOREVER on this project for the wedding.
These are the place cards... I talked about them here:  here
I had an idea in my mind...I found a LARGE frame and painted it black and the back ground black and strung ribbon to hold the place cards. 
A different print for every table (and I STILL don't have enough for all the tables yet.. so I'll just keep looking, I have a week ya know! no wait only 4 days..) 
Here's my problem: the meals consist of beef, chicken and pasta.
QUESTION:  how should the servers be notified of what each person has ordered? 
a 'jewel' on the place card?
a feather?
a sticker?
an actual letter B or C or P  at their place setting (the guest would have to gather this at the front table and put it on their plate and you just know there are those who have forgotten what they ordered...

???  I just don't know know what would look the best and be the most elegant and easiest way to solve the problem...
so I come to my bloggy friends and ask for HELP!
maybe you've even been to a wedding where there was an easy way for this dilemma to be solved..
thanks in advance...

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Couldn't the design of the paper on the place card be the same for each individual dish?

White and black tulle for chicken,
patterned pink for pasta
swirled pink for beef, etc?


Lauren said...

i like a jewel or sticker... but a letter would probably be easiest and look just fine!

Cherie said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sue.

At first I was thinking sticker letters but that would be alot of letter to buy.

Oh my goodness 4 days - You sound pretty calm.

It's almost here - Yayyyyyy!

Together We Save said...

I agree with Sue one color per dish. That sounds easy. Good luck with all your hard work.