Thursday, August 18, 2011

have I been living under a rock?

I've shown these boxes I'm making for the favors for the wedding, right? 
...and I've spent many a night cutting out all 120 of them right?
The plan is that when we arrive in CA and are sitting around chatting and relaxing (hahahahahaha that's a good one!) we will fold all the 120 boxes and get them ready for stuffing..
WELL low and behold there is AN EASIER WAY !
Thanks to my 'designer friend Donna (see Tuesday's shower invitation)  There is this tool called Scor pal that you can... yes you guessed it... score the folds that will make it 10 times easier and cleaner/neater .
Scor-Pal® creates accurate and precise scores giving you professional looking folds, no more crooked cards. Multiple scores are done in seconds without moving the paper. Perfect for accordion folds, boxes, fancy fold cards and other interesting projects!

Why have I never heard of this before... have I been living under a rock??????  It only took a couple of hours to score all the boxes and now they will totally zip together with ease!  LOVE IT.  

I LOVE scor-pal!!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

I love your ability to come up with all this stuff. And I am more than a little bit envious of your skills!


regan said...

I had seen that scorer before, but I have never thought it was necessary.....of course, I've never tried to fold up 200+ boxes before! LOL So glad you found a tool to make it easier! And yes, you better find some time to just relax and enjoy this've worked too hard to not enjoy it!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well honey if you have been living under a rock with all your talent then I live under a bolder. lol
Gosh I know you know I never heard of it either.
If it weren't for your blog I guess I would not know anything new that is going on.
Glad you found this in time