Tuesday, August 2, 2011

remembering words- do you have this trouble????

Problem: A word, a movie or book title, or a long-lost friend’s name is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t come up with it. "This is a universal problem, and it happens more as we age," (what has AGE got to do with it???) Dr. Edgerly says. It also becomes harder to recall basic information when you feel stressed or are holding too many thoughts in your head at once.

ok, so I read this and thought.... HEY are they looking at my life?  because yes, I have this problem. 

Solution: First, cut yourself some slack―it happens to everyone. Then take a deep breath to clear your head. “An enemy of memory is multitasking,” says Gary Small, M.D., director of the UCLA Center on Aging,(There's that word again.. AGE) who is also the author of The Memory Prescription. Then say aloud what you think the name of the book or movie might be: “It’s something like water” or “It begins with an S.” Naming the actors in the movie or the characters in the book may also help jog your memory. If you’re still stuck, then “substitute a word that will fit for the time being,” Edgerly says, “and chances are the actual word will surface later.

Well I don't know about you, but I don't actually feel better. although I will try to "clear my mind" 
not. that. hard.  

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

Words escape me often. I do use the substitute method tho and that helps me to move forward in my thoughts and not get hung up too long or dwell on the fact that I am getting too stinkin old! Writing helps too. More than I ever thought it would.

Sue said...

I am not liking the word recall memory problem thing at all.



Cherie said...

I also have major word recall disinigration! It is annoying!!
It used to be a word here or a word there but I notice it happening more often. I just tell everyone I am losing my mind.

Pat said...

So very glad I'm not the only one. But have discovered when I'm not thinking so hard, the name or word pops into my brain.

Shell said...

Oh, shoot, What was your name again?
(I know you live over on the Penninsula and your name starts with the same letter for the whatever flower your town is famous for......)
Was it the Heather Festival in Hoquium? That would make you ummmm, Hilda! No, wait, Pansey Festival in Port Angeles and you're Patty? .....Nahhh!
I don't think it even is an age thingy, maybe hormones, Whenever I was trying to get my boys attention because I was aggitated/worried/distracted when they were growing up, I called them the wrong names! And I think I even threw in a dog or two into the mix!

Ahhhhhh, Yes, Lavendar is very calming to the brain AND the senses....You must be LISA!

Hugs and Love,
Shell among the Snapdragons in Snohomish!

regan said...

It's almost daily that I can't think of: the name of someone, movie actor, title of book.....everything! Oh hell, it's almost daily that I just can't think! :o)

I usually do the alphabet thing, start at 'a', and go through each letter with the names.....usually it works.....it's just irritating that someone is always talking, trying to help me remember, while I'm doing the alphabet..... like....."shut up, I can't think while you're talking!" Plus, once I've started, it's kindof MY deal to be able to come up with it....if they beat me to it, I'll be really mad! Yeah, I'm glad they came up with it, but dang it, I really wanted to be the one to remember! lol