Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's all about the favor--

more wedding talk: (let's not even mention that the wedding is one month from today, oops I mentioned it.)
This question is always a hit or miss at every wedding, for men mostly!
I found a GREAT generous blog that has THE best box down loads: here
Don't Eat The Paste dot com
She so generously designs boxes and other items and lets you down load them...  Just LOOK at yesterday's box--- wow'za  (hmmm... it is red, darn too bad I cut out 120 of the other boxes, sigh)

yes - I cut out all the box favors.  Kieri and Russell are going to get these shell chocolates and put them inside. 
WHICH bow do you like (I put a little pill bottle next to it to show you how big it is):
medium red ribbon and bow:
wide red ribbon, knot 
wide black ribbon with knot
 small red ribbon with bow
Which do you prefer?? and tell me what ARE your feelings on a favor...  and aren't favors supposed to have a little thank you attached????? oh great something more for me to cut out!

8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Megan McEwan said...

I like the first one. Brian likes the black one but with a bow :) We didn't do favors so I don't know anything about them. Our wedding was super simple.

Shell said...

I like the simple knot, and if you slide it to the FRONT of the box, you can stack them on a cake plate in the shape of a tiered wedding cake


sherree said...

I like the black :) Do you need any help I would love to return your favor.I am good at bows or knots lol!

Sue said...

I like the black one!

And I think the favor IS the thank-you. I usually don't see a note attached.

But it's a nice thought, if you feel like doing it.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I like the last 2..:)

Lauren said...

I like the black one and think you could or could not do a note, I dont think anyone would miss it if you didnt...

regan said...

The black one is gorgeous.....and you do not need a note! And dang!.... those are cute boxes! Love them!

Cherie said...

These are so neat and I love the black knot ribbon - very classy!