Saturday, September 10, 2011

About me- today that is-

I am so excited for today, that I got up even earlier!!!
I don't have any plans (well the usual garage sales and shopping for my mother's birthday tomorrow!)
but after that...I am going to spend the day UPDATING with all of you!  The weird thing about going on 'vacation' is that I fall so far behind with my blog friends... so here I go..  What have YOU been up to?

and while we're at it... I thought I'd tell you about the things I love:

Things I love
Diet Coke
family time
dressing up
ocean sounds
a clean house
Autumn smells 
freshly washed sheets
lots and lots of creative craft time

My man and me (at the lavender wedding)
taken by my friend Carmen- an up and coming photographer who has 5boys and one girl- who she is sending off for her first year of college.. which means 5 boys at home!

1 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Nice list!

Can't wait for more updates.