Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding Decor- Red white black

Yes all this work... just to show you my blogging friends... No wait, I mean to decorate Kieri's weding and have it be a beautiful (under budget) wedding.
So first I'm going to talk about the name cards, because frankly I though this was a great idea and it took a lot of effort... to get all the names and tables correct.  Also it was something that if changes were to be made at the last minute, since I was NOT home, or anywhere NEAR home, this could be corrected, no problem.
Here are all the cards as you came in the door.
On closer inspection there are ribbons stretched across the frame and the place cards hang from them! (I was worried that there wasn't enough table room to display/arrange all the cards so I decided to go up.)
Each table was a different color patterned paper.   
Each table had a colored 'tent' (see the one below is red).
As long as we are at the tables:  The beautiful centerpieces were Russell's idea.  He had creative control over the centerpieces. Rocks and shells in the bottom, rose and floating candle.  Russell and his groomsmen came down and decorated the tables before the wedding.  Way cool.  And the girls helped with the rose petals and jewels.
The tables with the favor boxes looked great! (black and white card table above).

I had my VERY creative niece in charge of the arbor.  An arbor that we had never seen and had no idea what size it was going to be.  I brought a big box of ivy, netting, a spray and lots of wire.  Para did an amazing job of decorating it on the spot!
Next up were the red sashes (the hotel had the black ones) I made 22 red chair sashes.  I also made 20 black and white paper cones.  We took 3 red roses and prepared them in foil.  At the last minute we put the roses and ivy in the cones and hung them from the sash's (we.. meaning Mary!)
The chairs were a funky shape and after they were decorated, ALL the sashes slipped down the slippery polyester fabric and were at the seat area, oh well!

Here was the entry table as you entered the dinning room:
Here is the head table:  LOVE the 'rose' ribbon we found to wrap the short vases.
and the cake table.... can't forget the beautiful chocolate covered strawberry cake:
Now that it's over and most things are put away... I find I have more time on my hands... go figure!!

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Pat said...

What a lovely wedding and great job of pulling it all together. Did "homemade" weddings for both and exhausting.

Momza said...

That looks like an enormous amount of teamwork! Beautiful. Every bit.

Sue said...

Sheesh! This is a wedding for the record books. Absolutely gorgeous!


regan said...

It all looked so fabulous! And so nice you had so much help when you got there! Yay!

NOW what are you going to do? lol

The Polka Dot Closet said...

So many great ideas! I read and looked at every picture as it looks like I will have a wedding next year, great job on the tussies and arbor!


Cherie said...

You did an absolutely amazing and beautiful job. Just those place cards and the organization of all that has me in awe!!
The cake is beautiful!!!

Well done, every bit!