Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pictures of the wedding

As you might have heard, we've had a wedding in the family.
These are just pics I snapped (while standing next to the professional photographer, our friend Katie Pemberton!!! check her out here).  I did give my camera to a friend (hi Wendy) while we were all walking down the isle (thanks for the back/butt shot... not going to show that one!)
Anyway here are some totally NON professional wedding shots.. I'll show the wedding decor items on Thursday!..(I know you can't wait right?)
in the hotel room before the wedding:
 On the water in the beautiful town of Pacifica
see the fog just waiting off shore!
 Nana and Joshua, her personal escort for the evening!
picture time!
 the guys
 ahhhh I look pretty scary!
 here's my handsome man!
 Kieri's cousin Ashley caught the bouquet
and I guess I was too busy during the reception to take ANY pictures... how lame is that!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

the setting, the bride and groom, the flowers...all of it just beautiful!
And you too!!

Cherie said...

Lisa I was out of town and now I am catching up on blogs and I have to admit that the first one I hightailed over too was yours :-D
I wanted to see the wedding, the beautiful bride and you!!
I have had so much fun looking at the pictures that you have posted. Ohhhhh the bride is beautiful - look at her hair and her bouquet - Lovely!!
I love the shot in the hotel showing the legs and the garter.
Love the shower and the pirate theme.
LOVE the family pictures visiting.
OHhhhhh and I forgot to say how beautiful the setting was with the ocean in the background, the white covered chairs, the fog rolling in.

All I can say is Fantastic - I am so glad it was a wonderful wedding!!

YOU look beautiful!!

aaron john said...

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