Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's my Birthday *GIVEAWAY*

Happy Birthday to me...
Ah those were the days! so young, no worries.  I really did have a wonderful childhood!(Thanks to my mother and dad)
    Celebrate with me...
    I have a great giveaway...  I've made MORE Domino Necklaces
 Or beautiful lavender
There are going to be three winners!!!!!
Which necklace would YOU like to win...
pumpkin - bat&moon - lavender stalks - lavender & bow
YOU choose your prize  
Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me by reading my blog.  I really appreciate ALL my readers!!!  so much!! 
*I share what I've been making, and teach YOU how to make it/them.
*I let you know about 'cool' stuff I've learned (catching fruit flies 'cool'??)
*I give you great recipes.
*I try to tickle your funny bone... come on, laugh with me!
*making friends and sharing my life with them - how cool is that.

Leave a comment (which necklace YOU want to win).  I'll keep this contest open until Saturday 10/1 8pm... (you know when you have a birthday you get to celebrate it ALL WEEK! yeahI'll pick three names with random.org.

13 Wonderful People Who Commented:

aimee said...

Happy birthday. i love the lavender ones. have a great day xxx

heloisa de mesquita inoue said...

Oi!? Feliz aniversário e muitos anos de vida! Amei o colar de lavanda, este com sete flores amarradas com um lacinho! Seu BLOG É REALMENTE LINDO! Muitas felicidades!

regan said...

Woohoo! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day/week of it! We never do birthdays at my house anymore, so I love getting to get 'in' on yours! :o)

If I win, I would definitely love to wear the lavender stalks....they are gorgeous!

I have never been a Halloween girl, cuz it's totally changed from when I was a kid.....so sad these kids don't know how much fun it really was! Of course, I've been oohing and ahhing over all the fun fun fun Halloween fabrics that are out there, so maybe one day, I'll get back into the spirit of it! We'll see!

Thanks for having giveaway.....and have a great b-day! Eat lots of cake! :o)

DeEtta said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa. I celebrate my birthday for a week too. May as well celebrate life. I love the lavender.

Sue said...

Pretty neat! I like the pumpkins.


Sherri Auld said...

Happy Birthday to You!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I love the pumpkins too - fall is my favorite time of year.

The McEwans said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! I hope you have a great day! The wedding pictures look great. It looks like it turned out perfect.

I love the lavender ones. So pretty!

Ps. When are you making a trip to utah?:)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I bet you can't guess which one I want? if you said Pumpkin you would be on the right track..I love these necklaces..and I hop you have a most wonderful birthday celebrating all week long..is that you in the first photo? if so..cute picture of you and that fluffy kitty..she looks like my Poe..who is sitting right next to me asleep on the "comfy" chair.;)

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday LisaLuLu!! I love the picture of you as a little one with your cat - so cute!!

I hope you are having a great day!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Great giveaway; I would choose the lavender stalks...beautiful! I really like the pumpkins too, but lavender would be more useful for the rest of the year. :)

Silver Strands said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday my dear friend! I hope it's been fun, relaxing, memorable. And I also really HOPE I win - I'd LOVE to have a lavender necklace of yours! You're a doll.

Anonymous said...

L love the lavender stalks one



Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! I love the Pumpkin ones!!!

God Bless~