Friday, September 16, 2011

Food Fun Friday-Antipasto Skewers

WHAT A FUN PICNIC FOOD  and easy too
and maybe even gourmet?  nah, that would be asking tooo much.
I knew when #1 twin came to town we would be totally too busy to cook.  I also knew that we would go to the 'beach' (up here in the pacific Northwest that term is used loosely because you can bet the weather will be cold, and rainy and overcast) 
These can look as fancy as you want, (for fancy you'd use a beautiful plate) but they are so easy and so delish!  You could also make this as a fun appetizer for a dinner party (you can make it ahead and just pull it out of the fridge!)
I saw this on Hungry Housewife but changed a few things to suit our palate.
The possibilities are endless.. you can get as creative as you wish.  The amounts of each ingredient depends on how many people you are planning to serve.  (we had left overs and they were GREAT to take to work the next couple of days.. I love me some salami)
You will need to prepare the tortellini:
Cook the tortellini according to package directions.  Then pour on your Italian Salad Dressing and marinate for a few hours or overnight.  When the tortellini has been marinated for the appropriate time, it's time to skewer.
I used:
Artichoke Hearts, Pickled, in oil
Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese (I used chunks of Cheddar and Jack
Three Cheese tortellini 
  Italian Salad Dressing
You are only limited by your imagination
 and taste buds!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Where ever you go girlfriend you bring fun with a capital F along with you.
I would give up this old hot dry weather in Tx just to live near you so I could have some of your yummy delights and to laugh with you.
Hope you have an amazing weekend
Love ya

Sue said...

I agree with Maggie. Never a dull culinary moment with you, Lisa!


Cherie said...

That is a great idea - I am totally about skewers but have never made these - Yum!