Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Fun Friday- Boursin

I'd like to tell you about the joy's of using this cheese.
I always have this cheese on hand... not for using it as a 'cracker spread', but for making a nice quick dinner.
example:  We had some fish to cook.  I put the fish (talipa) in a baking pan and added dollops of the cheese on top.  During the course of baking, the cheese got all gooey and added such a nice flavor.
I've used this in a simple pasta dish.  You can add almost ANYTHING along with the pasta and cheese: small tomatoes, or mushrooms, or salmon, or chicken, or artichoke hearts, or olives or spinich or kale... 
Last week I cooked some chicken breasts (kind of like the fish) in a backing pan with a light spread of the Boursin over it.
It is a great staple to have on hand.
It is a little on the expensive side for cheese, but it is very versatile.  FRANKLY I didn't really know it could be used as a spread until I started looked up the picture on the Boursin web site. I really had no idea that it's purpose was for a spread!!!
Nope, I'll use it for cooking; for the great seasoning it adds to almost anything.

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

Thanks Lisa--I'll have to look for it in the grocers. I've never even heard of this before. Thanks for the idea!

Julia said...

Hi Lisa, I've only tried Boursin on crackers at a party but can't even remember the taste. Must have been quite a party, ha ha... My all time fave cheese is Montagnolo. It's to die for. It's a bit on the rich side but once in a while I go to the Boyld Market on Saturday morning to get my fix. Thanks for the tip. i must try it. JB

Sue said...

I never even thought of cooking with it. Gotta give that a try!


regan said...

A local deli/market, The Good Earth, uses Boursin on the panini's.....oh my just makes them! I always get the shrimp, kalamata olives, tomatoes, basil with Boursin panini on facacia's to die for!

I've never cooked with it, but your fish and chicken ideas sound oh so good! Yum! Thanks!

DeEtta said...

Must give it a try!