Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mothers, man we're good

Mrs. G's friend (a genuinely good mother) shared a story that is one for the books. One day, she was frustrated with her son's unwillingless to work on his writing. He hated writing and put up a fight every time he had writing homework to complete. Pushed to her limit, she told him that if he didn't work on his writing, his future was bleak. Bleak! They argued until she finally yelled at him that if he didn't get his writing act together, he was going to end up homeless, homeless with a shopping cart, living under a bridge and panhandling on the street...and he wouldn't even have a sign!

Mothers! Man we're good.

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Ormolulu said...

Now that's funny, Lisa!

Thanks for your good wishes . . . ankle is slowly getting better. A tough part of the body to stay "off" of!