Thursday, September 16, 2010

How does one tame the computer

OK, I have my new fancy computer.. fancy meaning, it is EXTREMELY quiet...
no fans or any sound..
it has Word 2010, NOT '97
and strange icons and pictures and tool bars

Yep, it comes with a steep learning curve.
that equates to TIME
TIME I don't have.
TIME that is already spoken for.
and then there is how my eyes feel after being on the computer all day at work... then to get on it again at night to watch tutorial on how to work all these new programs...
ummm, I may be a little too old for this!!!
I'll just try to be as organized as I can! (love the colors of these files)
...and while I'm doing that let me tell you about Pandora
It's really called Pandora radio,
It's free, and you can 'create' any type of 'radio station' that suits you
James Taylor
Norah Jones
Michelle Branch
Gloriana You can go here:
and just sign up with your email address.. and *your* music will be at streaming in no time.
For free.
Thanks to Kieri, I've been listening to Pandora for a couple of years
nothing like a little music to sooth those crazy eyeballs!!!
...unless you like crazy eyeballs!

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Mumsy said...

Not to worry I bet you will have all those new computer programs down pat in no time. Have fun and enjoy learning while listening to good music. Hugs

Sue said...

I am on my way to Pandora, pronto! This sounds perfect!!


PS. Hope you get that computer mastered soon...

Nezzy said...

Geek son introduced me to Pandora last Christmas...I love it!!!

Good luck with our computer girl, I just adored this brightly colored post!!! :o)

kieri said...

Today, Janice asked me how I know so much about computers and I did not have a good answer. I just learned a little and a little more as time went on. Motivated mostly by computer games. The first programming I did was in elementary school changing one of my Petz from a normal brown to a swirly blue :) I was so proud of those pets.