Thursday, September 2, 2010

blogville already pretty

Meet Sally from MN Already Pretty
This is a beautiful blog about fashion
I just found her blog and already love it. ok ok I am NOT as young as her, but fashion is fashion and there are several things that work for anyone at any age. GOOD FASHION SENSE! and maybe if I keep up I can be cool!!

I love her articles:
Budget Shopping
Self Care and Self Love
Wardrobe Cycling
Elements of Self

She is always taking pictures of herself and sharing different ways clothes 'work'
Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic.
~Rosalind Russell

She often posts music videos of music that inspires her-to just get up and move!

Here is a great Shopping post of hers...

Here are questions I ask myself every time I consider purchasing something for my wardrobe.

  1. Can I envision this working in at least three, preferably five outfits?
  2. Will it work across multiple seasons? Will it if it’s layered?
  3. Is it something I want because it’s trendy? I mean, trendy is fine, but is it something I want ONLY because it’s trendy?
  4. Can I thrift it instead?
  5. Do I own anything similar already? How similar?
  6. Is it something that suits both my body and my personal style?
  7. Do I have room for it?
  8. Can I pay cash for it? (If the answer is no, I don’t buy it. Period. But that's just me.)

I am not kidding, friends. I go through all of these questions. You may think I’m a major shopaholic, but I am quite strategic about my purchases. Which is why my seasonal purges are typically very small. At this point in my stylistic evolution, I can identify items that will prove truly useful. I certainly indulge in items that are pure fluff, but limit those purchases as much as I can. And doing a mental run-through of these questions helps a TON.

Do you quiz yourself before purchasing? What tests must an item pass before making it into YOUR wardrobe

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

If I could afford one, I'd hire a stylist to go shopping with me. As my body and age changes, I often feel lost when it comes to buying clothes that flatter me. I'm gonna check out this site!
Thanks Lisa!

blueviolet said...

I use a couple of those questions myself, but usually my cheapishness wins and I don't buy it anyhow! ;)

Sue said...

No questions for me. My decision is purely gut instinct.


PS. I liked her blog, especially the one about the brains and beauty combo.

Em said...

Now that's my kind of shopping!