Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It is here.. I am a spoiled woman.. I love it

thankyou thankyouthankyou Mr. Produce, you know what my heart craves!
AND as if that weren't enough... I have ALL my lovely history restored!!!!
I mean I have all my old photos (this is one from our courting days)my craft idea folders (thanks lollychops for this one...)
all my yummy craft pictures
and my pics of what I would want my dream house to look like:
AND ALL MY FAVORITES.. well most of them anyway, because it seems that I get more and more each day!
and all of the pictures I've loved along the way:
again more things to make--(at last I have them back so I can look at them and dream)
and the furniture I dream about:
and old family pictures I've scanned, (ok this is not one of them! but a fine looking family it is) and frankly I kept it because I love the closeness they seem to share.
mmmm my heart is going pitter-pat. ALTHOUGH it is taking 'time' to get used to this new computer and all the new programs on it.. and time taking away from making my crafts etc.
I can't WAIT for tonight and I get to go organizing more of my file, and pictures and stuff. Although there is Work, and VT and Dinner to make and DON'T FORGET Super Saturday this Saturday that I am in charge of..
ahhhh I will get back to my new best friend tonight.... wait for me... I'll be there when I can to explore and play and dream!!!
I love to organize my files more than I care to organize my kitchen... WHAT?? does that say about me?

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Hurray! This is a good day.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good for you honey! So happy you have this and everything is saved on it.
Isn't it wonderful to get something like this that you have been wanting.
I am happy for you

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I got a new computer not long ago and the computer guys were able to save all of my old photos. It felt like Christmas to have them all again. Because you know I save them all on my hard drive like an idiot!