Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Little Man (warning picture heavy)

Here's our big boy! it's hard to say good-bye--- REALLY hard
-- way too many pictures nana- NO MORE PICTURES
ONLY .... he is so cute!!! especially when he is happy
AND when he is sad
Papa with the boys
We had a great Labor Day at the pool- Carson's first time in the pool
This is his thinking lip....
He likes the water... only daddy's glasses more
bye bye AZ (115) and hello WA (rain and 60)
(should have a sad picture of MY face inserted here!!!)

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

janet said...

God ..I love Babies!!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Janet xox

Lauren said...

i miss you already!!! :( put my sad face in there too.

Mumsy said...

I know you will miss that sweet little Carson and those goodbyes are so hard like you say. Think of all those good times you had and all the memories you made that should make you smile.

Have a safe trip back home.


Home and Heart said...

Oh he's TOO cute!!! I don't blame you for all the pictures, a lovely family!!

Ormolulu said...

What a doll-baby, Lisa!!! Must be hard to leave . . . sunshine and all.

BUT, you must give the Pacific Northwest a chance to mesmerize you. I will happen--when you least expect it. The *bad* weather comes with benefits. You will seek out those benefits this winter ;0). Venture out into other regions of the state, girlfriend!

xo Debi

Lauren said...

I just saw this post on the bottom of todays post and thought, "oh my goodness, my child has lost his baby chub cheeks. nooo!!!" ::insert sad face here::