Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zippers Galore- a tutorial for yet another flower

I love zippers, and have collected quite a mass over the last couple of years. I saw a zipper flower on a shoe and thought they would be pretty easy to make.
Use the metal zippers for a bigger contrast in colors!
Use a roller cutter to quickly cut through the teeth. SOOOOoo much easier than scissors!
You'll want to open your zipper, and cut to separate the two sides.
measure out oh lets say between 3&4 inch pieces for your petals. cut 5 of them.
cut a dot out of sturdy paper for your base
dab a bit of glue on one of the edges of your 'petals" and bring together the edges to form a petal.
dab glue on your base and position your 5 petals.
The inner circle: cut off a bit of the width of your zipper.(so it will roll better). Also dab a bit of glue on the end and turn over.
starting with that little glued end, roll the zipper in a coil. It is a little easier to roll with the teeth on the table.
glue the end to hold it all together. dab a bit of glue in the center of the petals and position your coil on top. You can always add a sparkle jewel to the middle!
go crazy and make a whole bunch!
Here's the one I wore today:
In non related events::
I won a really fun CD from Kami over at no biggie.net (here)
she has a very interesting blog, all the things I like, a new piece music each week (local Provo talent too), family life, recipes, crafts... oh man she has it all!

THANKS KAMI I am one hip mama listening to "the beib's" and Usher, and Alicia Keys and John Mayer, and Cinematic Orchestra and the killers and Astrid Gilberto.......

I think the name Astrid is in the same category as Drusilla.

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

it amazes me how people like you can take something so ordinary as a zipper and turn into something cute!

Anonymous said...

Well, now aren't you just so creative. Who would ever think that a zipper could turn into such a beautiful little flower. Great work! Love those little zipper flowers. Hugs

Sue said...

That is such a fun idea!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a cute idea.;) I will have to show this to my best friend Kimmy cause she has alot of zippers..cute to add to dollies too>)

Suzanne said...

So cute. Flowers are still the rage!

carmen said...