Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloggville - Decorpad

What a great design site:
"Decorpad is a source for decorating  and home building."

many many pages of Style:
wow great ideas... love this color:

mostly about shopping ideas
Photos- you can look up spacific rooms about:
bathroom-bedroom-decks-garage-dinning... you get the idea. 
I'll just show  a couple of pictures I am drooling over:
mmm what an office:
and just look at this chair, HEY it's D for Davis
This one makes me laugh, can you just SEE Mr. Produce in a pink living room? uh, no
Look 4 less
This is a great area that talks about this(the high price item) vs. this (the 'cheaper' item)
this lamp for $895
or this one for 295 (that is STILL a big laugh for me, sure, how about 29.50, I'd pay that!!!!)
Forums shop

you have to be a member to view all the chats and people asking questions and sharing ideas.

enough said.

all in all I love looking at the photos,
and just so you know, I am not going to shop here

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

The color in that bedroom is GREAT!


Cherie said...

I love looking at blogs like this and going to model homes for the same reason - to gather ideas! Yahoo!

Shelly said...

Wowza! I wish my studio or home office looked THAT neat and tidy! I LOVE the pinky livingroom too, and living with just fur babies, I could make it happen...Oh yeah, Money! If I could just sell a bazillion birthday hats,,,,,,,HA~!

(We didn't have a "It is what it is" sign in the store,,but I ordered one. Our sign maker is local so it shouldn't be too long!)

Hugs and Love and Warm SUNNY thoughts!