Tuesday, June 21, 2011

furniture question

So here is the question possed to you-all..............
How do you decide on a 'good' piece of furniture? 
The company that makes it? 
The cost of it? 
The color? 
The financing available?
The special SALE price you get on it?
oh and of course the answer REALLY isn't for me, its for my daughter's who will be buying furniture in the NEAR future!! 
really, because I won't need ANY NEW furniture. (wink)
only when I move to a new house,
which doesn't look like THAT will be happening any time soon!!!  Thank you housing market.  Thank you plethora of foreclosed properties.  Thank you banks that pick NOW to scrutinize everyone.  It is what it is.

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

blueviolet said...

That's a darn good question. I haven't purchased furniture in years, and when I did, I always took my parents with me for advice.

Ok, I'm no help.

Sue said...

I'm no help, either. I guess I do go a bit by brand. But the truth is, I bought most of my furniture used through the newspaper!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

looking to see how it is made..if its particle board or plastic footings..don't buy it..its cheap..I do look at all the things you mentioned..and you know you get what you pay for..have a great day enjoying the sunshine..)

regan said...

For large furniture (dining room set, living room couch, beds, etc.) I always look for a classic style. You can always accessorize with wild colors and patterns, but the basics should be classic, or else you'll always be wanting to change them ever few years. Of course, a couch must be comfy enough to fall asleep on, so you have to lay on it in the store. Kick off those shoes and really get comfy on it....or its a no! Also, measure everything about the room before looking at furniture, cuz you could see something that you just "MUST" have, but if it won't really fit, you'll be sorry. We have 9'2" ceilings, and I fell in love with a grand hutch at an auction.....it stood 9'3"! Dang it! Glad I measured!

Lauren said...

very good to know!
i think we are waiting though...
that's this week's consensus at least.

Em said...

as long as you can pay for it in cash then it is good furniture:) and i like things with character that are new and don't need any work, but look like they have a story behind them. i have to look at it and think "BEAUTIFUL!" or some kind of joy and happy.

Cherie said...

I am no help because I just buy what I like.