Monday, June 13, 2011

I love weekend! It's not located in Storage

On most weekends I can usually carve out a little "creative time" and it makes me happy.
This weekend Lauren sent me a picture of a headband she bought... and wants me to make her more.
I had fun experimenting...
and then I was all ready to get started making a whole slew of them (visions of esty dancing in my head)...
I only have one box of material (the other 7 are in storage-- you know the downsizing-love it or lose it thing I did in FEBRUARY)
so I don't have the right material
and then couldn't find black thread (hello BLACK?  oh yea, all my thread IS IN STORAGE!!!
so today after work I am off to the Joanns to get black thread, brown material, red material and needles.  The one in my sewing machine broke and yes you guessed it, the replacements are IN STORAGE. 
(I will learn patience, I will learn patience, I am having a hard time learning patience)
I did make one that I really like, a 50+ yr old thin haired grandma too old for a funky headband?

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

No way! I think that headband looks great!


Lauren said...

I love the polka dot one... send to me!! So fun!

Cherie said...

Those are really darling! I think you could sell them!

blueviolet said...

No way are you too old! Those are super cute and look great on you!

regan said...

No way is 50 too old for anything, except maybe sitting on the floor! That's where I draw the line! Otherwise, we are young and fun! Woohoo! Headbands for everyone! lol
And I love the smashed rosette on them....sweet! Totally an Etsy gem!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love the headband on looks fresh and hip.;)