Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's all about the Wedding!

First of all let me just say...  JUNE...  JUNE?????  how did this happen.  It has been so cold and wet and dreary here in Washington that it just feels like winter has gone on and on and on and before you know it... JUNE is here? (but really it does not feel like June in any sense shape or form).  The flowers are just starting to bloom, and who knows when the lavender will bud and be ready for picking...   but I digress because my mind is REALLY all about the Wedding.

The wedding is exactly three months away.  Guess we will just have to kick things up a notch.  There are several things not decided (bridesmaid dresses to name one). 
I've spent more time looking at pictures and designs than I have making things.  I know that I am a visual person and usually if I can 'see' it I can make it.  
so here is my small little gallery of ideas and designs that I'm working toward:
I think I'll be making lots of flowers (for bridesmaids hair and maybe even the corsages)
I'm gathering up supplies to make some of these cool place cards:
 This is the cake they choose: this exact one!
 I just love banners... I hope to make a couple
 This is a really cute favor box to house a piece of yummy chocolate.   Thank you for your free printable.
I think something like this.. with sparkles and maybe a touch of delicate white flowers.
Love the sign
 or... how about THIS ... Thank you for free printables!
 and Kieri, how about this for the chairs outdoors????  although it sure looks like a lot of set up work!!
 I think these are the shoes she finally choose
 and look at all this yummmy red black and white goodness
Let me just end by saying that it is hard putting a wedding together LONG DISTANCE... and even it is long distance for the bride since she's in San Diego and the wedding takes place near San Francisco.
sigh, ah the things we do for our kids, (wink)

5 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

It's a lot of work, isn't it? But so, so exciting!!


blueviolet said...

I'm not telling my daughter about you, because I am SO not cool and capable like you are. I bring nothing to the table, plus I still don't have the dress. LOL

Momza said...

Oh how lovely. I love weddings. Total sap for all the decor, the dress, the cake, the kisses and lovey-dovey stuff.
I hope your family's special day is perfect!

Lauren said...

LOVE ALL of these ideas-- hope Kieri does too... LOVE the ribbons and the signs... and the flowers... and th eplacecards. LOVE

Cherie said...

Weddings are alot of work no matter how you do it!! But ohhhhh so worth it.
You have so many wonderful ideas here I know that it is going to be beautiful. I cannot wait to see your pictures.
It is really fun to look, look, and look somemore at all that could be.
I love the shoes and I love all the red!! If I could go back and redo my own wedding it would be red!!
Oh and the ribbons on the chairs is a great idea - Love that!!