Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I blog! Why do you?

I do think about this a lot...
when I think of the friends I've made
when I read comments from others to other friends I marvel at the supportive community out there
when I come across something really cool and want to share it
almost every day as I search for something worthwhile to share

I started this because my daughter said it was a cool thing to do... so she signed me up and taught me a few things.
DH wishes I would make money blogging. 
I enjoy my new performance art. Hey, don't judge, I don't sing or act or direct anymore...
This is a new way to learn and share creativity.
It does take a lot of time, time that 'could' be used for other things like exercising or practicing the piano or watching movies or sewing or reading...
Blogging is like a drug to me...I'm always thinking of it..and I can't wait to get back to my reader list and friends!

Blogging, Diet Coke and old glass ornaments... they are my drugs of choice.

Will anyone else list reasons they blog?
(I need to add more excuses, I mean REASONS for my blogging lifestyle)

7 Wonderful People Who Commented:

regan said...

I'm hooked on it too, Lisa! And it IS like a drug....I have to have my morning 'fix'! lol

I started blogging because I was following a lot of quilting blogs, and I was spending a LOT of time going back and forth through my bookmarks list! I figured it would be faster to get to them through a blog of my own....and really had no intention of 'getting out there'! Then, after several computer crashes, and losing all my quilt pics....I realized I could have them forever saved if I blogged about them. Had no intention of having followers, or being so hooked on this all that I actually say sometimes...."Ooh, I need a pic of that for my blog!" Dang! It IS like a drug! But in a good way! lol

The McEwans said...

I blog (well, struggling lately lol) to be our journal and also to keep family in the loop. Thats the best part of blogging.

blueviolet said...

I started to fill time and as a distraction to the fact that I had an empty nest. I love all the connections with other bloggers that I make now. :)

Lauren said...

I blog so I have an online family journal of our life... and so I never lost important photos.

Sue said...

I really love blogging. I always wrote a lot anyway, but now I have a dialogue with real people...who become real friends! And I have made blog books with Blurb that will be better than journals because they are actually legible!

I love the creative process of a blog because I can combine words, pictures and music. It's the perfect media, I think, and much more satisfying creatively than writing a book was. Besides, books do not have instant feedback, which I really love.

The people I've met in blogdom are wonderful, and I hope I can meet more of them in real life.


Eva said...

i love being able to feel connected to people all around the world, to their lives, it's a neat feeling. It's great to be able to leave encouraging comments, ask questions, and see that others are going thru the same as you. It's a great feeling of community :) It's also fun, and a chance to be a bit of a narcissist (sp?).


Em said...

I blog bc I don't have the patience for scrapbooking:)