Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogville- Internet Movie Database

IMDb Innernet Movie Database... wayyy cool -everything you wanted/needed to know about movies, etc. You can look up all sorts of things.
It tells you about movies this summer:

Get your movie game plan together with the help of our Summer Movie Guide -- we'll give you the breakdown by month (check out July and August), by genre (comedy, action, sci-fi and more), and see how we're faring in our predictions for the top 15 contenders at the summer box office. Watch trailers, check out photos, and get the buzz. It's all in IMDb's Summer Movie Guide.

I mean they have information about everything... MOVIES, TV, NEWS, VIDEOS
whaaattt? you want to see some clips of Eclipse:
and this is Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron Howard's daughter... red hair and all).. go check out more pics of her.

now where was I?
oh yea, you can find out anything related to movies/actors/videos/tv...
like I always wanted to know background stuff on that sister(aptly named Lisa) in Dirty Dancing.. have I seen here before... so... hey, what do you know her name is Jane Brucker, born in 1959 and she has been acting in a lot of stuff but nothing I recognized!

ok, ok, so it's not really a blog but it is so chock full of information I had to share.
Now if you want a blog, a "In The Know" movie blog... reviews and stuff (you can trust) here is: EricDSnider.comhe is concise, witty and very entertaining. If you click on the page for Eric's blog. that has more to do with Provo entertainment...but the rest of his pages give you a great read... here's a quick statement that he used for the movie Despicable me:

DESPICABLE ME delighted the 7-year-olds, as well as the 45-year-old hyena woman next to me. Take the kids and/or hyenas!

He gives movie reviews through a grading system of A-F..(the F reviews are so much fun to read... and WAY funnier than actually having to PAY and SIT through a horrible movie! Just stay home and read his reviews for free!!)

WOW this post was a lot longer then I ever thought imaginable... thank you if you have stayed to the bitter end. I do love me some movie INFO!!! and I love to be able to check my facts!

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

I"m not a huge movie buff, but now and then I find myself trying to remember something in that arena...

Now I will have your website as a resource to check my facts...

Thanks, Lisa.


Bella said...

Hi... I was blog hopping and popped by. I too was a California girl transplated to the northwest but that was many years ago and a lot of heavy coats!! I love it here now... I see you have settled in a wonderful town (driest in the state!) I will be there to see Lavender festival I can't wait!