Saturday, July 10, 2010

One More Week Till Lavender Festival

It maybe one more week till Lavender Festival... but the tourists ARE GATHERING. Our sleepy little town is bustling with cars and people and boats and RV's. The fact that we are on the way to Forks (about an hour and a half) is another factor in the traffic congestion!! You see in our sleepy little retirement town.. you can only drive 25 miles an hour... and that feels sooo ooo ooo ooo slow especially on an early Sunday morning when you are late to church! haha
but I digress
With all the Lavender, this is what my front room looks like:
but everything smells so good
Good Morning Sunshine!!! We have had record heat this week (thats ok, just no snow is all I ask for!.) Welcome to my house
Come on in and make yourself at home, I'll make some cookies.
or we could sit in the back yard and watch the birds! as you can see I've harvested most of the lavender.
I have about 7 different kinds, they all bloom at different times. They have different colors...but frankly they all smell the same!!
If you watch closely, our neighborhood eagle loves to sit on that old satellite dish and watch the fish and ducks in the pond behind the fence.
Here is my Mary Englebret inspired bird bath:
ok, cookies are almost ready and tonight we can use the hot tub....
Who's ready to party!

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful your place. It must smell wonderful around your area. Hugs

Sue said...

I LOVE lavender and still keep that sachet you made me in my garment drawer.


Momza said...

Where to start?!
I love lavender! And gimme a small town over a city any day of the week! And your house looks charming! homemade cookies too!
Wish I lived next door to you!
Really fun post!! Thanks!