Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a Hoarder

My friend and fellow Washingtonian Shely at Bungalow Bling is having a fun little party:
Hoarders and Crafts gone wrong
Now my husband would say that I hoard:
ah, well, maybe I do
But what I really found interesting is that I hoard COSTUMES! When I left California I sold over $200. of my costumes at a garage sale.... but I still seem to have costumes coming out of all my closets!!
In the guest bedroom I have all these hanging up... and hat boxes too... but I can explain each costume: Wonderwoman's cape, a beautiful gold jacket I picked up JUST LAST WEEK (hoarder) for $3.00, Maleficent's black cape, Mr. Produce's letterman jacket and just look at all those hat boxes filled with .... um hats!
Then there are the bags of costumes, like all the pink ballet items that my girls used when they were 8 &6 (now 26&24)... but you never know when you are going to need dance outfits!!! for grandchildren???
Then the other side of the closet: Old prom dresses, Pioneer dresses, Hello Dolly Dresses, Bride dresses, Renaissance dresses... and then there are the drawers full of hats,wigs, glasses, jewelry, feathers, furs, scarves, ties, gloves, makeup,

Yummy wigs and glasses
Then, if you will look WAYYY up high by the sword... it is a FULL unicorn costume. oh come on how could I give THAT up??
In another bedroom I have more hats, MEN's hats
I also have a BIG box of dress up clothes for the 'grandkids'. chock to the brim with fun aprons and dresses and bride veils and fun jewelry!!!
Out in the garage we have... MORE
everything from big bird.. to little girl costumes to period pieces to old prom dresses to funky 60's & 70 stuff.
even a coat MY nana made me when i was a little girl
(little known fact, I did not have a store bought dress until I was 12, my nana made ALL my clothes AND coats).
I mean look at these goodies: a 50's inspired pink and black dress, 50's black lace dress, and fun 70's skirts and a beautiful 'winged' 60's dress.
and all sorts of yummy crinoline skirts
Let us not forget the shoes:
a suitcase full of shoes and boots!! red Wonderwoman boots and 1900 shoes and short boots.

Yes indee-die- I'm Lisa, and I am an ORGANIZED hoarder.

13 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Marydon said...

G'eve Lisalulu ~ Now THAT is a collection ... not a hoarder, chuckle!

Have a wonderful PS summer weekend!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Shelly said...

Oh! I'd probably LOVE the old hats! And the petticoats?

And Oh my Stars Lisa,,,,IF you could get those Grandkids to Snohomish? Do you KNOW how many Trick or Treaters I get every Halloween? Last Count,,,,seriously? Over 700! They come to the Historical part of Snohomish,,,because it's safe/decorated and the OLD houses are close together!

Thanks for sharing,,,,,and let's talk petticoats! Girlfriend,,,,,,,you've Got Nothing on me! You are SO organized! WHEN we do Lunch,,,maybe next week! We need to talk HATS and petticoats!

Hugs and love you my dear one~!

Want a funky Bunny? LOL

Momza said...

wow. have you thought about donating some of those costumes and accessories to a drama department at one of your kids'/grandkids' school?
I bet they'd love that stuff!

Sue said...

I say keep it! All of it!!

One day your grandkids will revel in every single one of those costumes...


Kelly and Sara said...

I love costumes!!!!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well I know where to come for a costume when I need one;) lol...I hoard just never know when you will need one to ship something..I am not that bad..but I do love a good box..;) have a great weekened.:)

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

i think not.
Organized collector. LOL
Okay, let's get serious here - is any of your crinoline for sale??? and the ballet things....i collect ballet "things".
the crinoline - i have an idea for one. i just need one.....just one....LOL

after working up your post about hoarding and then coming over to mine, no wonder you were faint.

later, jan

Lauren said...

I'm with Sue-- Keep it! I love it! And have memories attached to half of those costumes!

Your collection is treasured--- no one else I know has anywhere close to that much cool stuff.

Plus, if you keep it all, when I need stuff for my kinds, Wah-lah! Call Nana and she will ship it right out! ;)

Lauren said...

PS I am a paper hoarder--- that is SO much worse.

kieri said...

OMG Mom. I was having SO much fun looking at those costumes. Russell had to suffer through all of my: "I wore that one in How to Succeed, I wore that one when I was Frenchie is Grease, I wore that Unicorn to High School... Remember that one? Huh? Huh?" It was great. Don't get rid of Any of it!

P.S. I am a hoarder of little "things". Things that are little. I only had to look up from my computer screen to see what I hoard. And have horded for forever.

P.P.S. I also hoard rocks. Never help a geologist move. lol

blueviolet said...

If I had that collection, my daughter would have been absolutely crazy over it for dress-up fun!

Shelly said...

You won! Check out my post! Congrats~ Email me your addy and maybe a phone so we can see about lunch???

Hugs, shell

Home and Heart said...

YOU are obviously a fun person, and I am totally jealous of the crinolines!! However I wouldn't wear one, I'd look like a beer keg!