Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's in a NAME? HELP me pick a name

I am busy making things for the upcoming holiday season.
I've done many craft fairs in the past and at one time even had a store in Half Moon Bay, The Charmed Rose. Up here in this little town there are a couple of small (small) shows. But I also think I am ready to enter the world of... ESTY

The first thing that I need to get is a catchy name!!! I used to be The Holiday Hutch (last name was hutchins) and then when the girls and I did dominoes we were: The Domino Duet. I still like that name.. but I don't only make domino items.
I'm also working on flowers:
and for the shows here some wreaths
and some chalk boards:
and maybe even bulletin boards
I have a few other things up my sleeves (aprons, ornaments, name plaques) and more in the future. ok here's the scoop
So far I've been given:
The Queen of Cute
The Blue Star
Tangello Surprise
Domino Duet
Lisa's Lovelies
So please -hit me with your best shot(s)
Give me lots to work with... and if your 'company' name is chosen YOU win BIG BIG BIG
I'll shower you with lots of my crafty goodness!
AND of course my undying gratitude.
*Hey this worked for a blog friend Karyn, (hi Karyn) so I thought I'd try it.
thanks in advance..... I love all my blog friends and am enjoy (need) all the ideas and advice I can get.

8 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

Holiday House (from Me)
Bits N' Bops (from Nana)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

how about LuLu's LoveLies..or Lisa Lu's whimsical wares..I am just doing this on the fly sister..will try to think of more.:)

Sue said...

I'll think on it, LIsa. For now, I think I like Lisa's Lovelies best of the ones you've listed.

Cherie said...

Really Cute stuff!
I think a business name needs to be more polished these days.
How about something that describes where your creations will go like:

Fabulous Home
Creative Nest


Lulu's Inspiration

Ok that's all I've got! Good luck!

Gilbert Family said...

i like chic boutique or lisa's chic boutique or sew chic or chic chick boutique or sew chic boutique. i like chic and i like boutique and sew can be used as sew or so. you can also google craft business names and they can give you ideas. i would also google your ideas to make sure no one else has the name. good luck!

Shelly said...

Oh, well NOW you've done it! I thank YOU for my mid night insomnia,,,,,,,and "What should Lisa name her blog???"

I worked in Advertising for years,,,names/jingles, taglines were my LIFE!

Hmmmmm, I gonna have to think on this one! Dang it,,,LOL

Hugs and love you to pieces!

Shelly said...

Is there already a "Lavendar Dreams"? I don't know where that came from,,,,but it's appropro!

Or Sequins in Sequim.....LOL sorry,,,,,I'm thinkin'!

I'll give it more thought,,I'm going to "Google" Lavendar Dreams......and see how in the heck I came up with that! I like it though.....

Love ya missy!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Gorgeous!

Hmmm...I really like anything that has Lulu in it...that word just makes me smile,how about...

Designs by Lulu
Lulu Designs
Lulu Land
Land of Lulu
Violets Blue
Lulu's Home Lab
House of Lulu
Lulu's Boutique
Lulu & Company
Lulu's Attic
Lulu's Cottage
Domestic Bliss
Lulu's Lounge

Okay Sweet Friend...I think I'm Lulu'd out! LOL

Good luck with your new adventure...can't wait to you're up and going, it will be amazing!