Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who do I channel?

I still don't have my computer back and am stuck with this laptop that just doesn't fit my fingers...
And still not feeling up to par, I was having trouble sleeping and though about ..my younger years.
I was thinking about who I was, and who I wanted to be..

I can remember the first person that I really truly wanted to be was, a Mouseketeer- I though that they should really let me on the Micky Mouse club.
I used to believe that I would grow up to be Julie Andrews. I would tell people that I wanted to be Julie Andrews... especially the Julie Andrews in the movie Hawaii.
In Jr. High I thought I would be another Barbra Streisand. (didn't every 14 yr old girl??)
When I went to college, I though I could be an entertainer like Donny and Marie, yes I wanted to be both, you know I'm a little bit country AND rock n roll! I saw them in person once at Baskin Robbins. She was so skinny it was weird! Skinny and big hair! ha
After I got married all I really wanted to be was a mother, and FINALLY after 7 years that oppertunity arrived. Frankly I didn't have time to think about who I wanted to be, I just was.......

A little bit further on in life, I LOVED all things creative..oh wait I still do! I loved Martha in the semi-early days. Her crafts weren't so commercial and you could actually make most of them on your own... without buying out the store.

Then in my 40's I though I wanted to be Sherri L. Dew, and be inspirational and Witty with tons of wisdom and entertain people with my deep insight.... until I realized that I really don't have anything deep to say.
And now in my... (well you know what comes after 40)
I am content in just being me, I mean I don't have any other choice, because I am just me.
I love being a mom, I am starting to know what it feels like being a grandmother. I love being a wife and traveling through our life together experiencing all sorts of interesting experiences.
ok, so SPILL IT... who did you want to be?
who really made you sit up and take notice of what you could become?
I want to hear all the good bad and strange.
come on you know you want to get it off your chest.

9 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Momza said...

Ha! This post was written for me!
I wanted to be famous--altho I was painfully shy.
I wanted to be Samantha, from "Bewitched" or
Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie" when I was very young.
All the gals you mentioned were my alter-egos too...I always like Cheryl Tiegs, the model too.
I did model when I was younger (10-14yrs) and loved that.
Right now, I want to be good at something--really really good at it, whatever it is, and just be content.
I have so many interests, right now I'm focusing on Interior Decorating and home staging. I love the creativity that goes into that too.
I always wanted to be a wife and mother, so that gig is working out pretty good for me. lol
So in short, I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.

Marydon said...

Too cute!, Lisa ~ John Wayne's wife, period! And, then he married Pilar & crushed my dreams :(
Cute write.

Have a beautiful summer day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Cherie said...

I was kind of serious as a girl and I really wanted to be a judge - I know pretty strange.
When I was a teenager I thought I could be the next Mrs. Fields as in cookies - cause I loved to bake!
What I truly always wanted to be was a mother and I feel so blessed to be able to have been a stay at home mom to my kids - definately not easy but the greatest job on earth!

Sue said...

Most of all, I wanted to be a mother. It's still my favorite thing.

As a little girl, I thought pretty seriously about becoming a doctor. I also wanted to be an author, but my teachers told me I needed "something to fall back on," so I became a teacher.

Later, I wanted to write my own music for the lyrics I wrote.

(Actually, I still want to do that and am thinking of taking a music theory class!)

Hey, it's never too late, right?


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Lisa you are so funny..I was always going to be in the miss america pagents..then I wanted to be a hairdresser which I was for about 5 minutes..I loved Martha stewart too in her early days..not now at all..too commercial like you said...I have never really thought about who I wanted to be..you have me thinking..I know we got our ears pierced after Marie got hers done..I was 16..;)I loved watching the sonny and cher show and wanted her hair..love the donny and marie show..always wanted to have the brady bunch as my family..as they were close knit and had fun...(we didn't have that growing up)..loved the waltons..still do..;)

kieri said...

I was trying to remember who I wanted to be. And... when I was little I wanted to be ... A cat. And after that I really wanted to be Alex Mack... And when I got a little older, I wanted to be a geologist :)

Anonymous said...

Well, lets see...at different ages I wanted to be a preacher, teacher, nurse, singer, mother and wife to a man that looked like a movie star. Hugs

Lauren said...

Kieri-- Alex Mack, hahaha! I remember that show!!

I think I always wanted to be rich and be a mom...

One down, one to go (ha!)

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

this is very cute and has made me use parts of my brain that don't always work that well any more and that would be the memory cells.....
hmmmmm.....i remember wanting to be a nurse or a teacher when i was little (so late 1950's). Then I wanted to be a police officer in college. Even took a couple of classes heading me in that direction. Then I got scared.
I can sing and I've been a member of our praise team (before i started getting so sickly) for about 7 years or so. I have always wanted to be a well known singer - a really amazing singer.
And, Martha. Always Martha for many, many years. I love presentation and i still love her *employee's* work.

Now?? Now that I've aged and have so much more wisdom than I did in those days??
I want to be healthy.
I want my children to remember me as healthy and not sick.
I want to be able to run again.
I want to be able to walk a distance longer than a block without my leg brace thingy.
I want to be skinny again.
And if I ever am, I hope that when i look in the mirror that i see skinny.
I want to be thought of as kind by everyone.
I want my humor to reach the world.
I want to have the gumption that i lost about seven years ago to want to cook.
I want to have the energy to help others more.

I want to never loose sight of the amazing life that my Lord has blessed me with and that I absolutely love because I know He's in charge.
I want the world to love Jesus as much as I do, starting with my brother.

That's all I want to be.
I finally got wise.