Monday, August 16, 2010

re-habing some free items

I found a couple of great items in the free pile, this one just needed to be washed off and spray painted.
A little white paint (after a base of free spray paint) and VOILA... you have a great: Stand.
A great 4 post stand that you can use for: plants:
or what my mind saw when I first put eyes on this poor thing on the free pile.... a CUPCAKE HOLDER... a FOUR PLATED CUPCAKE HOLDER... or what ever little goodies you could come up with holder... or you could make 'Cards' saying Happy. 50th. Birthday. Wendy. or whomever you are making all those cupcakes for!! anyway I can't wait to use this on my serving table.
Another find on the freebie pile: a broken, rusted plant holder.
again a free can of spray paint as a base and a can of turquoise.. and it is made Bbautiful.
a couple of months ago my sister-in-law gave me her precious Orchid Cactus plant. It was sitting on top of their fridge, and the plant was all the way to the ground. I had nothing to put it on (my fridge is not near a window) and..... looky here!
It looks great, AND by a window. I only hope I can have it bloom like this one:
Just goes to show that you never know what you will find on the free pile and with a little work it can become PERFECT. perfectly beautiful!

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

I love what you did with your finds!! the "cupcake" holder or whatever you're serving was my favorite way to use the four stand holder thingy. So clever and i love the plates you put on it. :O)
and the rusty gold looking planter - it just goes to show that one of my mantras is so on target..........."anything can be painted" .........that's what i always have in my head when junking!
you did good, lisalulu!!!! Jan

Sue said...

You find (and redeem!) the BEST stuff!!


Em said...

Sean came home with an office chair for Kentish one of his patients was throwing out brand new. I am loving it. Now to get my computer working again...

Home and Heart said...

I don't think there is much in the way of "found" objects that a coat of paint can't improve! (well, maybe a pet!) LOVE the cupcake idea!

blueviolet said...

I love the idea of redoing things. I've never done that!

Ormolulu said...

Hey, Lisa . . . I think that "cupcake/plant stand* is actually a vintage HAT STAND. Would be fabulous, also, with Shell's charming wedding cake toppers on it!!!!


new friend, Debi