Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm playing tourguide to longtime friends.

A great day with friends. I knew Peggy in Iceland (many MANY) years ago. She lives in Colorado now with her two kids- Before they were stationed in Iceland, they were stationed in WA and lived in Port Townsend. It has always been her favorite place! So when I got married and moved to Sequim.. I of course just rubbed it in that I only live 30 minutes from her most favorite place, Port Townsend.
This year Peg had planned a vacation with the kiddos to... PORT TOWNSEND-- well I know I was excited 'cuz I knew I'd finally be able to see her (since i hadn't seen her in 12 years).
Of course a trip to the nearest lavender farm was first on the list.... and I explained to them that "lavender is natures beehive" buzz buzz... that was the sound heard from miles around.
After trying to see the beautiful marina, lighthouse and coastline (that were all socked in with fog) (no use taking pictures there... they'd just be gray), Mr. Produce got off work and reminded me of the FABULOUS but strange Troll Haven! so we were off. This a very large (65 acres??? 5 homes) piece of property in Gardner. and painted ever so flamboyant.
Peggy and the kids.. Taylor (17) and Dylan (14)
and of course Dylan was always being 14 yr old Dylan, so of course mom had to set him straight.. or at least take a picture up close. WHAT FUN THEY ALL ARE..
ok back to the trolls. There are Many Many Many carvings of trolls around.
Some hold up houses:
and some of fence posts
lots of fence posts
you just keep snapping pictures because there are a plethora of fence posts on this property
many many many
It was a great get together and fun to show them around the town. Today they are off to Forks, I'm sure THAT will be an experience (especially for 14 year old Dylan!)

4 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Can you smell the lavender very strongly when you're standing in that field? I want to find out for myself someday and not just imagine it...


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I would love to visit lavender fields. I bet it smells so good around there.

Troll Haven is quite interesting. Hugs

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

great photos..never heard of that place you took the pics of..;) love the lavender.;) glad you had a great time catching up..;)

Square Peg said...

Thanks Lisa! We had a great time -- even Dylan. I can't believe it had been 15 years since I saw you! We'll have to make it sooner next time. You and Mr. P need to get yourselves to Colorado!