Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bloggville- Wedding idea blogs/sites

As most of you know (since I talk about it frequently here) we have a wedding in the family coming up in Sept.  I have found many sites that I peruse and get ideas from.  I thought I'd pass the sites/ideas along to you, my friends.  These are sites that I love looking at. (and some of my friends are in the same situation..weddings coming up, hi Sheriee)
so many ideas
Here they are in no particular order... but they are all together in one area that I (and you) can go back to time after time to check out the GREAT WEDDING ideas there are out there in bloggville!

The Wedding Chicks
huge HUGE beautiful site with tons and tons of photos, and downloads etc and photos. and tons of photographers to look at THEIR pictures

The  Perfect Palette
The Broke-Ass Bride

  no picture here.. not as many pictures on wedding bee either, but lots of 'real' people submitting ideas
ruffled blog-real wedding
Kara's party ideas

Utterly Engaged

Ever Ours

ok I think that's enough for now!

2 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Ya gotta love the Broke-Ass Bride. That made me laugh out loud!


Cherie said...

I also had not see the Broke-Ass Bride as I looked at wedding idea blogs these past months - that is hilarious!!!
Good luck in your planning!