Monday, March 28, 2011

Handcrafted Custom Fishing Rods

A little about where I work;
It is a wholesale company that sells parts for custom fishing rods.guides-hook keepers-EVA rings-corkhandles-woodhandles-thread-blanks
The fellows I work with are all avid fishermen.  They also make their own fishing rods.  Apparently it makes a difference, whether it is a soft stick, or how many guides are on it or if it is a spiral wrap or even a fly rod (which has VERY few guides, if any, just a tip top)
They call our warehouse the candy store.
I have been in charge of our email newsletters for a while (guess they thought that having a blog was the same as writing and compiling a newsletter? This month we are featuring a fellow that is such an artist!
I thought I’d show a couple of his Custom Fishing Rods.
They are as intricate as any quilt … but for the outdoorsman that wants to show off (IMHO)

This is the thread work finished, the big picture is the blank in progress.

This next one is featured this week on our Tips and Tricks... It is snake skin  (not a thread weave)
The guys at work would call this one fish porn.
Gee, aren't you glad you joined me today... look at all this neat stuff ***welcome to my world. (mydaytimeworld)... It's a living, and sometimes the guys bring you fish (salmon and halibut mostly! but there has been the occasional sturgeon, yellow fin tuna and bass).

3 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Sue said...

Actually, yes. I AM glad you showed me. These poles are amazing!!!


blueviolet said...

I had no idea they could be so intricate and interesting! Very cool!

regan said...

It's a amazing where you find artistry....who knew that fishermen would even care? I love the designs and how intricate they are. Beautiful. And I'm so jealous that they bring you fresh fish.....yum!