Thursday, March 24, 2011

Succulents- easy to grow

Up here in the Pacific Northwest (also in California too) Succulents are very prolific. 
I have a love affair with them! (wish this was mine but alas not..)
Every year at the garden show I buy some.
Then go home and remix and  repot  the ones I already have.

My thought today is... why not use them in the wedding?? huh? Kieri? Lauren? does this sound (look) beautiful and elegant and personal?

my favorite- in a pretty red or colored glass.
That's our problem with a wedding looming in the future... you are always on the look out for interesting things, only with all of us living so far apart it's becoming increasingly hard to pin down the right ideas!~!

over at myselfcareblog  I found a great analogy
Living a Succulent Life.
A few facts about succulents we might take a few lessons from:
1) Succulents are built to survive in tough conditions.
2) They need water, so they absorb it as often as it is available to them.
3) During times of drought, the succulent draws upon its water reserves.
4) Despite the stress of extreme conditions, the succulents actually thrive and become even more brilliant in conditions that make other plants wither and die.

YOU are also built to survive tough conditions, but you need to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself -nurturing your body and soul and getting your physical, emotional, mental, volitional, spiritual and social self care needs met with some regularity. Taking small steps each day to build your reserves will prepare you to be more brilliant and contribute better when you find yourself in a trying moment with your children or situations that call for your superwoman strength.

6 Wonderful People Who Commented:

Barbara Jean said...

Love this post, and built to survive.

Those little cement pots are great. Any idea where to get them?

barbara jean

Sue said...

I love this idea of living a succulent life!

And one thing's for sure...If you did this at the wedding, it would be completely unique. Which is kinda fun. And could look cool with the right presentation.

Why not?


Sue said...

PS. You could even carry the living a succulent life theme into the wedding.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love succulents..and love to use them in making funky fun container gardens in different containers..they are whimsical..I love them for a wedding..why not..then folks can take them home and plant them and have a wonderful memory of the wedding..;)

Lauren said...

Love the idea!
And think you should grow two plants that look like the top one-- one for me, and one for you. :)

Em said...

Romantic. That is all I have to say.